Kamere Refuses to Write to IEBC Over His “Withdrawal” From the Gatundu South Race

It was reported yesterday that New Democratic Party’s Joachim Kiarie Kamere had withdrawn from the Gatundu South race to pave the way for Moses Kuria to be elected unopposed. That was just media posturing because Kamere has not officially written to IEBC as required by law confirming this development.

Kamere was the only opponent of Moses Kuria after TNA stalwarts were forced to rig Moses in the nomination which saw Joyce Ngugi come second. Mrs Ngugi was prevailed upon to drop her bid with key State House operatives determined to see Moses Kuria in the race despite performing dismally. The President’s confidantes promises Mrs Ngugi employment in the government.

The same operatives prevailed upon Kamere to drop his bid after meeting him and offering a very handsome reward. Mr Kamere is however buying time as the money has not arrived and so he has refused to write to IEBC confirming this. He is apparently waiting for the President to fly out after which he will use the “mademoni” line to woo back his voters.

Moses Kuria is extremely unpopular in Gatundu South where he doesn’t even have a permanent abode.

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