Kajiado ODM Politicians Claim Lives In Danger, Threats From Government Official

Governor, Kajiado County, Dr. David Nkedianye
Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi, Governor David Nkedianye and ODM National Elections Board chairperson Judy Pareno at the Kajiado DCIO’s office, July 4, 2017./ COURTESY

Kajiado Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) politicians David Nkedianye and Elijah Memusi have claimed their lives are in danger following text messages they said were sent by a senior government official.

Governor Nkedianye and Memusi, who is Kajiado Central MP, claimed the official sent a message saying they could face “elimination” for being Jubilee’s “stumbling blocks”.

The leaders recorded statements with Deputy DCIO Daniel Musangi in Eldoret town. They were accompanied by Judith Pareno.

Memusi told the detectives that a senior government official was quoted as saying: “Jubilee must win all the elective positions Kajiado even if people will be eliminated.

Memusi refused to give the name of the person but said he was a senior government official in charge of security.

“The same day I received that message, Orange House in Kajiado was burned down by arsonists. What do you make out of connecting the two?” posed the legislator.

“We want to know how what elimination method the state will use on us in order to win seats in the coming elections.”

Nkedianye demanded that the government give clarity on the ODM office arson and explanations on continuous threats against the Opposition amid preparations for the August 8 general election.

“We demand state protection. Note that we are not begging to be protected,” he said.

But Musangi ruled out politics in the arson case and said investigations revealed the culprits are “people bent on grabbing the land on which the office stands”.

Nkedianye and Memusi objected the DCIO’s claims and accused police of working with the arsonists to frustrate the Opposition.

“We are not children…you should address us rightfully on this matter. You cannot rule out politics yet everyone can connect politics to the burning of our office,” Memusi said.

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