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Why Justice Smokin Wanjala is a Man on the Run

Supreme Court ruling termed as a sham as one the four Judges departs country 3 hours before delivery of findings:

As Justice Jacktone Ojwang was giving his reasons for dissenting to nullify President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory following the August 8th poll, a KQ plane touched down at the Heathrow Airport. On one of the first class seats aboard the KQ flight sat Ojwang’s colleague Smokin Wanjala who oblivious of the burden he has put his Country Kenya in, sighed with relief as he loosened his seatbelt waiting to go through immigration checks before weaning off the jetlag later. The time was 1658 hours, Kenyan time-rays of sunshine disappearing into the gloomy weather in Nairobi.

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Unmoved or disinterested with the happenings, Justice Wanjala seemed happy to be away from the shame the judiciary plunged Kenya into making it the fourth country in the World to nullify a Presidential election, part of which he participated in by inking the hard white papers, crossing the Ts to reaffirm that he stood by his decision and three others.

It is interesting to note that Wanjala was part of the conspiracy to deliver a political ruling not based on law and coincidentally he missed Justice Ojwang’s lecture on the same.

Termed as a man with an indecisive character, Wanjala was approached earlier in July by his friend, US scholar Makau Mutua to orchestrate the plan to rob Kenyans of their democratic will when they realised the opposition didn’t have numbers to win in a democratic, transparent and fair election. It is part of these dealings with Mutua that have led him to hurriedly travel to London with allegations being thrown around by angry Kenyans.

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Mutua approached Wanjala after his conversation with the Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu who arrogantly condensed the Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai on his request to be a friend to the court.

It is then that the scheme was hatched, to violently grab the presidency from Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

Mutua has been acting for international forces keen on regime change, those with a strategy to ascend Raila Odinga to power by hook or crook, they also have business interests and are known to be funders of caliphate states creation. They see Kenya as a hotbed in which they can comfortably perpetrate their high tech crimes which are corrupt Government deals, hard drugs, terrorism, sale of weapons among others by creating lawlessness.

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Wanjala and Mohammed Ibrahim were the target since the five others had either political inclination or exhibited sobriety. Justice Ibrahim doesn’t publicly exhibit his demeanour and as such Mutua thought he was a catch.

Wanjala has been known to be wishy washy, lacks consistency-the main reason he left the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission now known as EACC because he couldn’t make decisions. It is his character that made it easy for Mutua to approach him and he agreed to play ball.

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Towards September 1 when submissions by all parties were being made, Justice Ibrahim fell ill, was treated and was ready to attend session the following day but the high handed CJ Maraga couldn’t let him.

Ibrahim was even stopped from attending the final session by Maraga so as not to bring minority to three which would have looked even worse for the bench.

After September 1, Wanjala is said to have developed cold feet last minute and had to leave the country for ‘deals and holiday’ but he had already appended his signature, something the bench pretends not to be aware as the CJ Maraga casually and comfortably informed the public of the judge’s absence 3 hours after he took off at JKIA.

After delivery of the judgement in which four of the judges nullified the results, it has emerged that the four didn’t scrutinise the evidence availed and already had a pre-determined decisions.

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The judiciary, Maraga included are now in the thick of things as they try to stay afloat and regain the dwindling image of among others the Supreme Court.

For now we await the return of Wanjala and more revelations of his UK dealings.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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