Justice Maraga Releases Statement On Compliance Of Court Orders, Tells State Officers To Uphold The Constitution


The chief Justice Maraga has pulled his weight behind the defiance of court orders by public officers that has been witnessed in the recent past.

He said that the defiance of the court orders was not only a disrespect to the Rule of law but also undermines the constitution of Kenya.

Justice Maraga insisted that that following court orders was not a favor to the judiciary but a civic obligation and that obedience of the same was not an option for any individual or institution.

He reiterated that every public office took oath to uphold  the constitution therefore disobeying the court order was not only undermining the the Constitution but a dereliction to Public service.

He also said that that the court were a temples of justice for the the oppressed to seek refuge and that the court and the judges have the liberty of taking action against those who continue to obey court orders.

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Justice Maraga said that the the courts will continue to dispense their duties with authority and independence.

This statement addresses the recent failure of government institutions to coply with court orders on release of NRM general Miguna Miguna and the the shut down of three media stations that happened last week.

Here is the statement:

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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