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Julie Gichuru’s Husband Listed Among the “Owners” of Langata Rd. Primary Playground

Julie Gichuru at a past function
Julie Gichuru at a past function

Citizen TV presenter Julie Gichuru’s husband, Antony ‘Tony’ Gichuru, is listed as one of the owners of the Langata Road Primary School playground through Airport View Housing Company. In documents in our possession, Tony is listed with one Harbans Singh who is said to represent the interests of President Moi in many companies and Patrick Osero who represents Ruto in the dealings.

The involvement of Julie Gichuru’s husband raises questions but is not surprising as document in our possession also indicate that he is one of the people who “grabbed” 1200 hectares of the Nairobi County’s proposed sewerage plant land in Ruai.

Tony is son to former long serving KPLC boss and Moi right hand man, Samuel Gichuru. The family owns more than 5% of Safaricom which sources close to the family said that when Tony’s mother separated from Samuel Gichuru, Tony and her brothers ran away with the shareholding leading to serious conflicts in the family.

The revelations that Ruto is the actual owner of the hotel has also caused jittery with people close to Ruto making frantic calls from Hague where DP Ruto is attending ICC cases. Ruto has urged his friends, associates and some people he believe know more that they should wait for him to come back so that he can meet them and discuss.

Harbans Singh runs most of his illegal dealings through Harbans Singh Associates which has offices along Raphta Road in Westlands. He is a long time architect of former President Moi and a key wheeler-dealer.

Julie Gichuru’s husband involvement in the teargasing of Langata Road Primary School kids has seen the sassy presenter mute and just undecided on what side to support. Telling was her tweet that day (20th January) which didn’t mention the Lang’ata Road Primary school debacle but read;

Most of the retweets of Julie Gichuru revolving around the Monday incident when pupils of Langata Road Primary School were teargased, focused on her anger at “activists using kids.” Julie was not conscious to the fact that victims of the land grab were the pupils she believed were being used or “rented to activists and not the grabbers.

Ruto’s Weston Hotel was determined to grab the playground after the hotel converted its basement parking into a story as they lacked any. Resistance by pupils and activists to the machinations and attempts to hive off the playground from the school land has forced the hotel back to the drawing board as they must now look for a better place to turn into parking space.

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