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Jubilee Must Compensate Families Of ‘Heroes’ Felled By Police Bullets- Raila


Nasa leader Raila Odinga has demanded of Jubilee to compensate families of those killed by police during Opposition rally that was scheduled to coincide with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s swearing in.

Odinga was speaking at the City Mortuary earlier today when families had gone to pick bodies of their loved ones killed during Odinga’s homecoming and more who lost their lives during a botched memorial rally that was set for 28th November.

The Opposition Chief took issues with Jubilee’s failure to send condolences message and sympathize with families of the victims  and took a swipe at Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome who blamed the deaths on mob justice.

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“It is an insult to Kenyans for Koome to defend trigger happy police who killed innocent Kenyans whose only crime was to exercise their constitutional rights of assembly,” he said.

Odinga added that “Jubilee must compensate these heroes,” and further threw foreign envoys in Kenya under propeller of disapproval for being “fake friends.”

“Our supposed friends have not spoken out against these police brutality meted on innocent Kenyans and if these are the friends we have as a country then we are on our own,” the former Premier said adding that “Kenya will be built by Kenyans and not foreigners.”

Odinga condemned the blanket rhetoric by police that those who killed 7 year old Geoffrey Mutinda were Opposition supporters and put police to task to arrest anyone responsible even if they were pro-Nasa saying “no killer is called Nasa”.

Nasa catered for funeral and transport expenses for the deceased and gave each family Sh50,000.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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