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Tanzania Journalist Ansbert Ngurumo Targeted for Elimination for Criticising Magufuli

Intelligence reports from Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania have revealed to KahawaTungu that an editor of a vibrant and critical newspaper that was banned recently has been placed on a wanted listed by secret state assassins.

Ansbert Ngurumo who is an outspoken journalist for over a decade, has kept the government on its toe through his column MASWALI MAGUMU.

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Ansbert is one of the Tanzanian journalists that boldly and fearlessly criticize President Magufuli, but he is now finding it hard as the President is determined to clamp down on free speech.

One of Mwanahalisi newspaper’s consulting editors, Ngurumo wrote on his column two weeks ago an article with a headline: Tumwombee Magufuli au Tundu Lissu?

Two days later the government banned the newspaper from publishing any more issues as it cited Ansbert’s article among the reasons for the ban. In the article, Ansbert quoted instances where President Magufuli was openly hostile and threatening to Tundu Lissu.

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One of the threats by Magufuli was just two hours before the MP was shot by people who are believed to be state assassins in Dodoma on September 7, this year.

Lissu is currently hospitalized at the Nairobi hospital, getting testament for bullets wounds that pierced his belly and thighs.

Last Saturday, Ngurumo was hosted as guest in a morning TV show to discuss the government’s move to shut down or ban critical newspapers.

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And that was after another weekly tabloid, Raia Mwema, was banned last week for quoting a source who alleged that the presidency was becoming an unbearable burden to Magufuli.

In the morning show, Ngurumo was openly critical of the government’s dictatorial tendency against its critics, that it was mandatory for citizens to like the government, and that the government’s ban of newspaper was contravening the media services act.

He insisted that opposition to such dictatorial behavior should be encouraged.

His statement resonated with his earlier comment that was widely circulated last week through WhatsApp groups condemning the government’s actions against Mwanahalisi.

Two days after the tv show, his close friends tipped him of a secret mission that is being planned against his life. He has been to keep an open eye, pending reports of assassins sent to either shoot or stab him to death.

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