Joho’s Relatives Mercilessly Ejected from VIP Podium By ODM’s Men-In-Black

The entire Joho clan has been left greatly humbled this past weekend after they felt the full force of frustrated Mombasa poor at a rally attended by Raila Odinga.

Drama unfolded when the Joho camp attempted to block Governor Joho’s rival Senator Hassan Omar Hassan from accessing the VIP podium at NASA rally at Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa Friday.

Abu Joho, Farouk Joho, Dodi Joho, Tami Joho and Ali Joho who were on the podium occupying VIP seats while Mudavadi and Kalonzo were standing all watched in shock as their mostly overweight hired bouncers were thrown off the dias by ODM’s infamous Men-in-Black after chaos ensued when Omar arrived at the venue with Raila’s running mate Kalonzo Musyoka.

The only immediate family member absent at NASA rally was Mombasa County tenderpreneur and Joho sister Latifa who was ably presented by cousin Saido Abdallah, the Nyali ODM aspirant who was rigged in the recent nominations.

The initial plan was to extra-secure the venue and ensure Senator Hassan, popularly known as Sarai, does not access the podium which Joho’s camp had exclusively branded with the Joho family name under the pretext that they had paid for the event. Unknown to many, the event was a presidential campaign rally with little time for county aspirants.

The entire Mombasa Island and its en has lately been overwhelmed the Joho name in promotions, roadshows, posters, billboards and branded vehicles has seen excessively advertised in mass media.

After nearly 30 minutes standoff, the ruthless Men-in-Black cleared the podium in five minutes and gave Senator Hassan a seat next to the NASA supremo Raila Odinga. This did not go down with Abu and Ali Joho who were clearly agitated by this development.

Hassan then immediately started an animated tet-a-tet with Raila and ignored Joho most of the time much to the chagrin of Joho family patriarch Abu who for once felt very helpless when commands to his armed bodyguards to eject Senator Hassan went unheeded.

In Mombasa, Abu Joho is deemed as the power behind Governor Joho and his power and clout far exceeds that of Coast Regional Commissioner Nelson Marwa.
Abu is today being hunted by Mombasa police for incitement and creating disturbance.

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