Joho Doesn’t Like Raila But is a Cheap Opportunist Deceiving the NASA Leader

Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho
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Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho. / HASSAN JOHO FACEBOOK

Today, the Star reports that Jubilee Party “appears to be using proxies to lure Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho support them in 2022 and that interviews with multiple sources have revealed plans to have Joho act as Jubilee’s point-man at the Coast before the poll”.

Uncharacteristically, Joho has maintained studious silence on these claims leaving journalists to speak to his spokesman.

It goes without saying the petition filed by former Senator Hassan Omar Hassan has rattle the Mombasa Governor not just on electoral malpractice but also resurrecting the unresolved matter of Joho’s (forged) academic qualifications.

So worried is Joho about the petition that last week he pulled a public sympathy stunt that horribly flopped.

Every time we hear the so-called Sultan of Mombasa has been detained or arrested, we always have to check secondary sources to verify these reports.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho was at it again, last week, with paid media in tow, claiming to have been arrested by Nyali Police, a story that latter changed to be ‘a detention’ and which again later turned out to be his usual juvenile attention-seeking antics.

Turns out, Joho arrested himself, then detained himself, then called a press conference at the police station, and then released himself.

Joho’s stunt was intended to inflame public passions and endear him to ordinary Kenyans at a time the country is focused on a presidential re-election.

The ever insincere and snobbish Governor Joho made false and preposterous claims against the police who were going about their duties of maintaining law and order. It is getting tiring and boring.

The governor had his state security reinstated. For good measure, Nelson Marwa and the region’s security teams have opted to ignore Joho. Consequently, Joho has found himself increasingly irrelevant in the region’s geopolitics. His latest attempt to invade a police station ‘to free arrested county staff’ should be viewed in this regard.

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Even after the truth came out, the Governor has not found it fit to apologise and withdraw his false claims against the police. For a man so accustomed to seeking cheap fame, it was expected that he would soon engage county security bosses in bid to boost his dwindling fortunes and to cover his election theft exposed in a comprehensive election petition filed by former Senator Hassan Omar Hassan. Having reviewed Omar’s petition, leading political and legal players have already predicted a gubernatorial by-election in Mombasa.

The good thing is no one in Mombasa paid attention as Joho shouted himself hoarse outside Nyali police accompanied by a few aides. Only Joho’s social media bots were actively pushing a false narrative online.

Joho has shown he has no self-respect and self-restraint. Itis alway me, myself and I. His extended family are notorious for harassing local residents in their businesses. When will this stop?

Why should Joho’s personal challenges perpetually be shoved into the nation’s face for an individual’s cheap political gain?

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Many people wish Omar’s petition succeeds. Not because of anything but because of Joho’s craving for undeserved attention and the disgraceful conduct of his family members in Mombasa. His performance as Governor is also in serious doubt!

Without the “frequent government harassment”, Joho would not have been re-elected. He carefully used state agents to craft the narrative of being harassed by state to endear him to most voters who don’t know how to look beyond the headlines for clues of fakery.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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