James Ololo Arrested in Belgium for Killing His Wife, Elizabeth Wafula

james ololo
Ambassador James Ololo with deceased wife. [Courtesy]

A 55 year old Kenyan living in Belgium has killed his wife, Elizabeth Wafula Ololo, who was also Kenyan.

According to Belgian newspaper HLN, James Ololo drove to his wife’s residence to try to beg her to stop the court process which was ongoing and orders which were issued that he leaves the lady alone. The lady applied for separation before the final divorce proceedings.

James Ololo refused to leave the home and ended up engaging in a fight with her.

In a fit of rage, he stabbed her multiple times and called on neighbours to call the police who arrived and took him into custody.

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James Ololo is known among the vocal online communities as a staunch supporter of Raila in his posts and avid follower of happenings back home.

Neighbours told the HLN publication that James Ololo is known to engage in frequent fights with the deceased and that was contributed mostly by alcohol and infidelity. Neighbours of Elizabeth are convinced that that decision by the judge to bar Ololo from her home made him lose hope of living with her again.

According to the prosecutor in charge of the region, James Ololo grabbed a knife when the quarrel escalated and he injured Wafula several times.

“The victim ultimately succumbed to her injuries,” Gilles Blondeau added.

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One close friend of James Ololo is Simeon Situma. The two even founded the company Kenya Experts Community a few years ago to help Kenyans coming to Belgium to establish businesses. James Ololo later represented Kenyan interests at the EU.

Elizabeth Wafula was a business lady and a member of the Association of Kenyan Diaspora in Belgium and Luxembourg and embraced charity, such as the Children’s Perfect Hope Foundation.

Behind the closed doors, she was suffering. She was a victim of serious domestic abuse.

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According to friends of Elizabeth, she had tried to leave James for two years but the man became increasingly aggressive forcing her to drive to the police twice to report that she was being attacked. Attacks on Elizabeth worsened when James Ololo drunk and he once even destroyed his own car after drinking one-too-many.

Ololo was given another three months to spontaneously leave her home. But he just did not even abide by the court orders. So the judge ordered that he vacate the home within 24 hours. The decision led to Ololo killing Elizabeth.


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