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Jaguar’s Bid To Reduce Retirement Age From 60 To 50 Years Elicits Mixed Reactions

Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua alias Jaguar has introduced a motion in the National Assembly that seeks to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 50 years.

The lawmaker argues that the move is aimed at solving the high rate of unemployment among the youth in the country.

In the draft motion, the lawmaker states that the unemployment rate among the youth stands at 55 per cent.

According to him, 800,000 youths are released into the job market every year but only about 70,000 are absorbed.

“This House urges the Government to review the mandatory retirement age in the public service from the current 60 to 50 years to, among other things, create opportunities for the employment of the youth,” reads the Motion.

The motion was listed for debate on Wednesday but was not reached for discussion by the Assembly.

If the proposal is adopted, it could see over 25, 000 workers forced out of the civil service.

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In 2016, the Public Service Commission (PSC) revealed that 31 per cent of civil servants were over 50 years. This represented about 25, 000 workers.

It’s now more than three years since the report was released meaning more civil workers have attained the age of 50.

It should be remembered that in 2009 the retirement age was raised from 55 to 60 years as the government struggled to cope with a piling pension bill.

Pundits say the move would have far-reaching implications as its deemed to disrupt household retirement plans and overburden the government that is already struggling with a bloating pension bill.

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Here are some of the reactions online:

Omar Bond: We don’t have a job crisis in Kenya. We have a leadership crisis. No thinking, no innovation, no jobs. Period.

Ahmed Njonge: That’s the caliber of leaders we get from music industry. Has Njagua really done enough research. Most of public lower cadre staff fall in that age group, and are just next to poverty. Those waiting for employment would probably work for ten years before retirement.

Lucy Minayo: Focus on making jobs! Not pushing people out of the job market. In any event it is not youth who will take up those highly skilled jobs. Argh! Foolishness of the highest order.

Kibet Mitei: guys are getting employed at 40-45 yrs

Chief Priest: How do you create jobs by making people job less? Paradoxical irony

Kioko Joseph: To add jobs to the economy we need informed fiscal policies that are sustainable. Lowering retirement age lacks economic sense – it is stupid.

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Sir Rawlings: Does this include appointees like Uncle Moody, Gen. Karangi, et al? If no, it still doesn’t make sense. To me. #DayBreak

Julius Okuto: So you create Jobs by creating Unemployment to others? What a Joke!!!! So the so called Youths, if they are lucky to get a job at 30 years, will only work for 20 years??

Simon Muchugu: What kind of thinking is this? We start paying pensions to people who Will probably live for another 20 years and salaries to the ones replacing them? That’s what you get for electing clowns

Muasa Jesse: Am lost of words, MPs salaries should be reduced at least taxpayers won’t mind mind getting no value for money. Instead of finding ways of creating high value jobs, and job retraining mechanisms ,you are thinking of reducing retirement age. Bure Kabisa.

Migwi Kimani: Let the wazee go do the entrepreneurship they have always recommended to the youths

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Ezra Muinde: Aha, how you create jobs by making other citizens to retire early😂😂😂 Man, talk about agricultural revolution, how best we can support SMEs to scale up and revamp our industries… Retiring those citizens makes then unemployed🤔

Steve Kiboi: That’s simplistic sana. 55 year olds are like 40 year olds of the past. They have kids in college. Create jobs by LEGISLATING AROUND THE EASE OF DOING BUSINESS. Businesses will create jobs; you won’t have to antagonize people with college going students!

Fred Odhiambo: Thats nonsense,whats the point of tarmacking for 40yrs then you retire at 50yrs,they should instead creat more industries,lower hefty taxes n finish corruption

Jeff Jerry: This opinion and thinking is out dated okward with myophic thought.. it won’t solve the issues of unemployment. Do away with corruption, enhance small enterprises, reduce taxes, priorities developments…

Wanjiku Mugane: The guy should just retire right now.. Does he know that jobless youths rely on their parents for provision. Imagine a jobless parent and a jobless youth.. That bill will flop becoz I think even politicians in their 50s will have to retire of which they do not want to.

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Written by Wycliffe Nyamasege


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