Itumbi, Bosire and Ghafla Now Look to Incite Luhyas Against Luos

Looks like Uhuru Kenyatta has recruited bloggers to do for him the dirty online propaganda work. Some of the bloggers running propaganda for Uhuru are Dennis Itumbi (both on personal blog and Daily Post), Bogonko Bosire (Jackal News and Daily Post), Samuel Majani (Ghafla) among others.

I don’t really have a problem with politicians recruiting bloggers but I have a problem on what they do with that opportunity. No politician will ever recruit me to do for him/her dirty work. I just won’t do it. It is not my nature. I like speaking my mind so even joining a cause I don’t believe in is such a problem to me.

So Bogonko Bosire (already under investigations by cyber police for various blog posts) is the man who has been tasked to do the dirtiest of tasks. Some of these tasks are like him inciting tribes against other tribes (he wrote the Luos wanting Luhyas out of Kisumu post) while Itumbi has been tasked to posting provoking materials on Twitter and various blogs.

After the Jetlink fiasco, Itumbi is so scared of using his real name on many of the blogs he runs. That is why he has resorted to using controversial blogs like Daily Post and Jackal News to spewing his ethnic hatred.

The posts which was made on Daily post has no truth at all. The great thing is that I have Luo and Luhya relatives. I am in touch with many Luhyas in Kisumu. Very many who are also on the street all the time. They would hear anything before anyone else. None of them can confirm that Luhyas are being asked to leave Kisumu.

But the allegations are not surprising because that is the kind politics of Uhuru Kenyatta. He will not want clean politics. He cannot survive on issues because he is a product of injustice on Kenyans. The same kind of politics is what has made him be charged at the ICC court based at the Hague. Just watch the video below;


From the blog post inciting Luhyas against Luos, there is no evidence of leaflets in Kisumu. Nothing is presented to prove the allegations. But you know that Uhuru Kenyatta bought Dennis Itumbi a house on Kiambu road. Rumour has it that he was also bought another house along the Riverside drive together with the Ugandan who is an Lords Resistance Army and now TNA propagandist, David Nyekorach Matsanga.

Bogonko Bosire is a pathetic thing for a Human being. The guy used to work as a journalist at AFP. You can even check some of his articles on behalf of AFP here. But the guy was sacked by AFP for defercating on a table after a drunken stupor. YES!! Bogonko Bosire relieved himself on a table after getting drunk during a staff get-together. That is how pathetic he is. He never deserve much of my attention.

It is sad that now bloggers are bowing to the whims of politicians to stir ethnic hatred. Accuse me of anything but I like speaking facts and not propaganda. I will fight ethnic discrimination even if it is practiced by my ethnic group. I just won’t condone it.

Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (

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