iPad 3 Launch Scheduled for March 7, What to Expect

The much anticipated launch of the next iPad is now scheduled for March 7 in San Francisco US. In the invite, Apple promises “something you really have to see. And touch”, according to journalists and bloggers who received it. The invite has a picture of an iPad and the expectations are so high.

The image of the iPad on the invite looks sharp with bloggers now speculating that the iPad might come with “Retina Display” this time. The main weakness of iPad 2 is that its display makes reading unpleasant with 1024 x 768 resolution. iPad 3 is expected to have 2048×1536 pixels and above resolutions. The iPad 3 might also come with true HD and not the 720p HD it currently supports.

With upgraded graphics, iPad 3 would have to get an upgrade on the processor and so this might be the first quad-core iPad. The quad-core processor would a very big drain on the battery so it will be so interesting to see how Tim Cooks blends all the demands to put out a device which everyone will yearn for. With a larger or more powerful battery, Apple might be forced to add some flesh and make iPad 3 a tad bit thicker.

From the picture, bloggers noted that the “HOME” button was gone. That would be a deviation from the iconic Apple design of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This might be a poor judgement if the iPad image is in landscape. The new iPad might not be called iPad 3 so these are all just speculations.

We will be waiting for the updates.

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