Intel Donates High Performance Computing Device to USIU-Africa for Student Research

Intel Corporation’s East Africa has donated a High Performance Computing device to the school of Science and Technology for use in a research project by students, worth over Kes 5 million shillings.

A Conference, themed “The Role of HPCs in Accelerating Research and Innovation in Africa” will invite membership from all over the ecosphere, and is predicted to lead to the creation of a five-node High Performance Computing (HPC) network across Africa.

The program aim is to provide a platform in which participants, such as research bodies, Universities, Tec companies, and development partner will help establish the High Performance Computing (HPC) network in Africa

The High Performance Computing devices, will Sum up computing power to achieve high performance, to aid in the processing of large amounts of data, collected as part of student research projects.

During the donation Mr Matunger emphasized that Intel’s commitment to the partnership with USIU-Africa will extend to the hosting of a High Performance Computing device, (HPC) Conference on campus from 3-5 October 2017.

The partnership will provide opportunities for students who are in the field of Information Systems and Technology, and computer technology related programs. Those who are intent on utilizing the devices may communicate with the School of Science and Technology on email ( Registration for the HPC Conference is expected to be open before the end of July 2017.





Written by Kahawa Tungu


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