iMAX to Unveil the Biggest 3D Movie Theatre in Nairobi on Friday

IMAX theatre system will open a 3D theatre at the 20th Century Plaza in Nairobi on Friday March 30. IMAX Theatre Development Vice President John Schreiner said at the theatre, they will be showcasing only the best Hollywood blockbusters and educational documentaries.

He added

“We’ve combined two cinema halls into one, raised the roof and we’ve installed a screen which goes from wall to wall; floor to ceiling,” he revealed. We changed the angle of the seating deck so that everything in the auditorium is completely different from what was there before and when the lights go down, the really powerful projectors light up the screen in a way where you can’t see anything else but the movie screen.”

iMax digital has installed two digital projectors which will simultaneously project images onto the screen in the process simulating the left and right eye so as to create the 3D effect.

He explained

“The projectors make it so that light is polarized at two different angles and it’s reflected back to viewers wearing special 3D glasses, which filter out the two types of lights creating an optical illusion.”

IMAX openend a similar facility in Morocco in December while a third facility is expected to be launched in Cairo later this year. iMax hopes to change the fortunes of the movie theatre facilities in Nairobi after almost all of them faced imminent closure in 2011. The management is looking to eliminate the need for film prints so as to increase flexibility and enhance operations.

After Nairobi, Blue Sky World Ltd. which owns iMAX studios plans to open two theatres in Mombasa in two years time. The new theatre at the 20th Century plaza  has a capacity of 255 seats and features the biggest movie screen in Kenya, which is 17 by 9 meters backed up by a 1.2 Kilowatt speakers units

“It’s the most powerful sound system of any movie theatre today so you’ll feel it when a rocket ship takes off. You will feel it right in your chest and the sound is so sensitive that you can even hear a pin drop,” he explained.

In addition to the IMAX theatre, customers will also be able to enjoy an ultra-modern 24 hour lounge where patrons can enjoy sheesha, drinks, sports games on large projectors, DJ sets, karaoke and live entertainment by singers, bands and comedians.

The theatre will be open to the general public this Friday for the showing of the Wrath of Titans 3D and tickets will be priced at Sh1,000.

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