“I’m Not Jubilee Party’s Automatic Candidate in 2022” – DP Ruto

William Ruto
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William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto cleared the air on issues that have been surrounding him. He clarified that he would be on the ballot for the Jubilee party in 2022 but only if nominated by his party, He said that if Jubilee had another candidate nominated he would gladly support.

On the issue of corruption he said that despite the many scandals that have rocked the Jubilee administration, they still managed to achieve 90% of want the intended to achieve scandal free. He said that the 10% that scandals occupied could not determine their performance. According to DP William Ruto the Jubilee administration had passed the exam.

DP Ruto said that the Standard Gauge Railway was a successful business venture for Kenya He told the interviewer Mark Masai that the SGR was not a matatu and it required one billion to run it monthly but said that by the end of the year it would have broken even and would be able to pay the debt without taking money from taxpayers

The deputy president said that he has never been involved in corruption matters either as an Member of parliament or in his current position.

The deputy president reiterated that he was ready for the lifestyle audit as directed by the president. He said that only then would the mystery surrounding his wealth be demystified, He however declined to state his wealth on National TV saying that that would be the purpose of the lifestyle audit. He said that people always say that when a poor man’s son gets rich they say he has stolen but when a rich man’s son steals they say it belongs to his father.

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On his relationship with Baringo senator Gideon Moi the Deputy president said that he relates to him like the other 30 Jubilee senators do . he however declined to divulge information on the failed visit to see former president Moi saying that it was irrelevant for the public and it was a private issue.

He also made his stand saying that he was not owed any political debt by any person in the country, He said he agreed to work with president Uhuru Kenyatta because he saw he was able. He said that their initial meeting was not based exchange for support but was based on a developmental agenda for Kenya.

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