ICT Ministry Sets Stringent Regulations For ‘Fake News’ Distributors

Fake News

Fake News

New regulations are set to be be introduced to curb the distribution of fake News by introducing the computer and cybercrime Bill of 2017.

The law outlines 8 additional cyber offences punishable under Kenyan Law.A new clause on false publication has been introduced,false publications has been described as publishing false or misleading information with intent that the information or data be viewed as authentic.

The law also stipulates that gaining unauthorised access to a computer will also be considered a crime which will attract a fine of Ksh.5million or a jail term of three years.

Unauthorised disclosure of passwords will also be punished with a three year jail term.

The selling of illegal devices  has also been considered a crime and will attract a prison term of 10 years or a fine of Ksh.20 million.

Hacking a public utility, the police, the military or banks will attract a hefty fine Ksh.25 million or a jail term of 20 years .

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The law will also not sure people who create,distribute amor use children in creating pornographic content as the will be punished with a jail sentence of 25 years.


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Written by Merxcine Cush

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