HP’s New Software to Fight Toner Cartridge Counterfeits Launched Locally

HP has launched Toner Cartridge Authentication software and technology in Tanzania and Kenya. The software which is already configured to worth with series 1000, 2000 and 3000 network and local printers is the latest in a move which the tech giant hopes to counter the great threats from piracy locally. HP is using the technology to boost the training and policing methods which they employ. Between March and May 2011, HP nabbed over 200,000 counterfeits in Mombasa.

The software makes it easy for you to detect fake toner cartridges through the online authentification. All future versions of printers will have the software embedded into them but you can sill use the old compatible printers to test the system. The software has three components working together. The smart chip technology contains authentication information which is collected by the Authentication software and transmitted to the authentication web service. That service then checks the data and once it is validated, it is sent back to the software, which shows the result in a pop-up box on a users’ screen.

You will then get a “no risk” or “risk detected” message. The authentication process takes a maximum of three minute depending on your internet connection. HP Kenya country manager, Ken Mbwaya, says that the new software has a 100% detection rate for counterfeit products, but users do need to be careful lest they destroy their printers with fakes. You also need to be careful because even if you pull out your own genuine cartridge then put it back again the software will tell you this has been used.

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