How to Set up Admin-Assist to Auto-Moderate Your Facebook Group

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Online trolls, spammers and off-topic conservationists can easily take over your social media space making your posts insignificant. Facebook groups can be quite large and it is easy for these problematic posts to overcrowd your space and cause chaos beyond your control.

Facebook has introduced a new feature that will auto-moderate conversations happening in groups. The feature called “Admin assist” is located at the top of Facebook group’s left-hand sidebar.

Facebook admins will be able to access and set up Admin Assist for their groups. Clicking on the link will take you to a page that looks like this:

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This page will allow you to set up the criteria for posts in violation of your group’s posting protocols, and decide what action to take. There are three provided actions: declining a post, removing a published post or turning off commenting on the post. These can be applied depending on the rules violated.

To decline posts, you can choose from the following: Spam posts, posts from fake or pseudo accounts, posts that violate group rules, posts with profanity, posts based on author’s activity, posts with reshared content.

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Those are just a few. If you wish to add more reasons, click on see more and choose from a variety of criteria which you can customize for your page: Options about the user include available include: posts from a new account, percentage of the user’s posts that get approved/declined, friends in group, no profile picture, new to group, past violations in the group and reported by other users. Options provided for a post include: containing links to specific sites, keywords in post, link in post or video in post.

The selected criteria further allows you to take more specific actions on the posts. For example, if you have banned a link to an external site and a user keeps repeating the offense, you can set up a rule that automatically declines the post and mutes whoever keeps posting the link.

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The “keyword” rule allows you to automatically decline posts containing certain words or topics that are not up for discussion in the group. Admins can also turn off comments for posts that are getting out of control in the comment section. This can be gauged by the number of comments, number of reports users have made about the post or the language used in the comments.

The admin assist will help more people better manage their groups without putting in extra man-hours. The tool is rolling out gradually to all Facebook group admins globally.

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Written by Vanessa Murrey

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