How To Pay For Parking In Nairobi Using Your Smartphone

how to pay for parking Nairobi

The Nairobi City Council has an easy to use revenue collection system known as the Internal Revenue Management System (IRMS) that was introduced in June 2019. The system allows users to pay for parking using a short code (USSD).

The system is used to pay for parking, rent arrears, land rates, single business permits, construction permits and advertisements among others.

Nairobi Parking Rules, Regulations and Offenses.

  1. It is an offense to reserve a parking space or place a reserve sign post without consent from the City Council.
  2. It is an offense to park in a designated parking space without paying your parking fees.
  3. It is an offense to signal or direct a driver to or from a parking space.
  4. It is an offense to use a parking space for business or advertising purposes.
  5. It is an offense to interfere with the writings or markings on your parking ticket.
  6. It is an offense to damage, remove or attempt to remove a vehicle clamp.
  7. It is an offense to obstruct a City Council official in the line of duty
  8. If you knock out an electricity pole, you will be required to pay for it.
  9. If you do not pay your parking fee, the vehicle is likely to be clamped or towed, upon which you will be required to pay clamping fees to the Council.
  10. Failure to pay the clamping or towing fees within 60 days may lead to disposal of the vehicle through the public notice auction.
  11. You must always display your parking ticket on the window screen of your vehicle. No display means non-payment.
  12. Parking attendants are required to be in uniform at all times, and must carry a proper identification badge issued by the City Council.
  13. A  council permit is required to run a commercial private parking space.
  14. Vehicles must be parked along the lines as spaced out by the council.
  15. You shall not hold the council responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during clamping.

Parking Rates

Nairobi has about 12,000 available parking slots.

For private vehicle owners, daily parking rates currently are at Sh200, while seasonal parking fees range from Sh5,000 for one month to Sh45,000 for the whole year.

The fees varies based on the type of vehicle whether commercial taxis, Public Service Vehicles (PSVs), private buses, lorries or trailers.

Parking fees are not applicable on Saturdays from 2pm, Sunday and during Public Holidays.

How to pay for parking using USSD

  1. On your phone, dial *235# You will receive a message saying “Welcome to Nairobi City County ePayments” with a list of six options to choose from.
  2. Reply with 1 to select Parking
  3. The next page will give you eight options – Daily parking, Seasonal Parking, Off-street parking, penalties, parking status, offloading zone, back and main menu.
  4. Select 1 to pay parking for one day
  5. Enter the number plate of your vehicle without leaving any spaces and click send
  6. The next page will prompt you to select the zone you are in (CBD, Westlands, Kilimani, Upper Hill, Community, Ngara, Highridge, Industrial area, Yaya Centre, Parking Border, Hurlingham, Lavington, Karen, Buruburu, Pangani, Muthaiga, Eastleigh or Ngong road.
  7. Next, select the category under which your vehicle falls. The options are bus, canter, minibus, trailer, tuk-tuk, motorbike, private, taxi and pick-up.
  8. If you select private car, the feesas per the daily rate will be Sh 200.
  9. Select 1 to proceed with payment
  10. Your MPesa will launch and prompt you to enter the pin for automatic payment.
  11. Once you have paid, you will receive a confirmation message with your payment details.

How to pay for parking online

If for some reason you are not able to pay using the USSD code, you have the option of making the payment online using your smartphone.

  1. Switch on data or connect to the Wi-Fi to establish a connection on your phone.
  2. Go to your browser and open or search for the Nairobi County portal and click on self service
  3. You can create an account or click on “continue” to proceed to the payments
  4. To create an account, provide your full names, mobile phone number,Email address and generate a password for future logins.
  5. Click on the parking and select the type of parking you need from the list; daily arking, monthly, seasonal, topping up daily, penalty, off-street parking or printing a receipt.
  6. Provide the location you are in, the type of vehicle, your vehicle registration details and your phone number.
  7. A payment fee will be displayed for your confirmation
  8. Upon confirmation, proceed to payments.
  9. Your MPesa will appear on your screen, prompting you to enter your MPesa pin to complete payment.

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Written by Vanessa Murrey

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