How To Improve Your WiFi Speeds

WiFi allows you to connect your devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and even smart home appliances to the internet without using wired connections. WiFi routers create access points from where the internet can be distributed to your home or office.

For you to perform more online tasks effectively and seamlessly, your WiFi speed should be fast and uninterrupted. When signing up for an internet connection, speed is the main factor most people consider.

Some reasons that could be causing slow connections include connecting too many users to your WiFi concurrently while using a below-capacity router, using a router with a low signal for a wide range, using the router on a busy channel that causes signal interference, and placing the router at the wrong location.

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How to Increase the Speed of your WiFi Connection

  • Choose a Reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The first determinant of the speed of your WiFi is your Service provider. Sign up with a strong ISP that is not only efficient but reliable. There are so many reasons why people choose one over the other. ISPs are often to blame for the speed and quality of their internet. In Kenya, you have options such as Safaricom, Zuku, JTL, among others.

  • Limit the Number of Users

The more people you have using your bandwidth, the slower your upload and download speeds will be. Ensure that your bandwidth is protected using WPA2, the strongest Wi-Fi security feature, to keep off hackers. Sharing your bandwidth decreases your speeds.

  • Ensure you have the latest Router

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Older routers use outdated wireless technologies which as a result are slower. The best routers include WiFi 5 which was released in 2014 and WiFi 6 which was released in 2019. WiFi 6 enabled devices and hardware were released in 2020.

  • Choose the Best Location for Your Router

Your WiFi router should be in close proximity to your devices. The location of your router should be central with minimal obstacles. In the absence of this, you can use WiFi extenders that optimize your WiFi radius.

  • Choose a WiFi Channel That is not so busy

Find out what channels are highly used in your area and avoid them. Most routers have their default setting on “auto” which you can adjust to a less crowded channel.

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Written by Vanessa Murrey

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