How to Get Google Currents Working On Your Device from Outside US

Google is launching some products but they are still limited to few locations. One such device is the Flipboard competitor, Google Currents. The app which is available in the US and few other regions on iOS and Android is great but not like Flipboard from my first impression.

Google Currents lets users access articles from more than 180 publications .  Flipboard displays great full-length articles from CNET, Forbes, PBS, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Fast Company and other publications on smartphone and tablet displays.

U.S. users can download the app from the Android Market and the Apple App Store and begin subscribing to the available publications.

If you are from any other region, try using this link from your mobile or from the PC then uploading it on the phone. The app works great but the Flipboard experience is at another level.

Once subscribed, users may then add RSS, video and photo feeds, as well as Google Reader subscriptions they’re already following, to make the app’s content more comprehensive.


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