How to Create A Website in Easy Steps

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The internet has become the marketplace of choice for many businesses. Apart from running your business on social media and other platforms, you may want to create your own website where you can have exclusive content. A website also allows you to brand your business and increase visibility on search engines such as Google.

This article will teach you how to create your own website in easy steps.

1.Register your Domain name

Simply put, a domain name is your website name. This could very well be your business name. However, due to the fact that no two domain names should be the same,some companies or business can decide to adapt a variation without changing their business name.Some businesses also have more than one name and may have to shorten them to form a domain name.

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To register a domain name, you should do so with an accredited registrar. Web-hosting companies can also register the domain for you. Domain names come at different prices. EAC directory charge

  • at Sh 980
  • .africa at Sh2,939
  • .com at Sh1,199
  • .org at Sh1,299
  • at Sh999

There are quite a number but the above are just some popular ones. Different registrars charge different amounts although within the same range.

2. WebHosting

Most registrars double up as Web-hosting companies. Your hosting plan will come with a specific number of email addresses. A larger website will require a bigger hosting plan. Web Hosting companies include Safaricom, EACdirectory, KenyaWebexperts,BlueHost, Sasahost and many others.

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3. What do you want to do with your website?

Some websites are made to simply help put your brand online, while other are built for client interaction and others for e-commerce.

Put your content together including other media such as photos and videos that you would like on the website.

Remember that your Logo must stand out for your brand identity, put your contact information, your services and client testimonials if you have any.

4. Building the Website

You can either build your own website or get a professional to build it for you. Ensure that you have a long term plan that includes maintenance for your website as you will need to keep it up to date.

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If you are new to online business, get a professional. They will help you select a theme for your website depending on what it is intended for. They will also know how to create a website that can be used on the mobile phone, PC and tablet.

Points to Note

  • Ensure your website addresses your clients’ needs, not just what you want to put out there.
  • First impressions matter. A badly done website will put off potential customers. So get professionals to help you put up a beautiful, well done website.
  • Ensure that your website is regularly updated to keep attracting newer customers. Do not let it go dormant. Remember, many people, including those offline, judge your business by the information they get online.
  • Get an expert to help you put your website on Google such that it appears on SEO engines.
  • Promote your website on your social media. You can generate a lot more traffic if your followers find your content relevant.

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Written by Vanessa Murrey

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