How to Access Twitter Through Snaptu After 11/11 Notice

Snaptu stopped sorking on 11/11 but many users have found a workaround to have it working again. The mobile app used to enable superior social media experience on more than 27 million feature phones and smartphones. Snaptu was bought by Facebook around March 2011 for around US $60 Million.

So on 11/11 Snaptu withdrew access to LinkedIn, Picasa and Twitter after this notice. Facebook, Rss news and weather access were left intact. So Kenyans on Twitter have found a better way to get to Snaptu Twitter app without having the native Twitter widget present.

Below is the process of getting to have Twitter working on Snaptu again;

1. Logon to your Snaptu App and click on the Facebook widget

2. Post the URL of your Twitter profile or any url of a Twitter profile as a status update on Facebook

3. Click on “Wall” and navigate to the status update you just posted and click on it.

4. One of the options you will get is the Twitter handle of the of the profile url you just posted  ( I posted and so the handle I got was @robertalai)

5. Click on the Twitter handle and it will take you to the same Twitter handle’s profile through Snaptu. Here now you are on Twitter through Snaptu.

6. Click on “Menu” and then select Home” to go to the main Twitter interface on Snaptu. You can even get to other accounts you previously managed through Snaptu by just clicking on “Menu” then “Accounts”.

Despite being labelled a primitive app, Snaptu continues to be the easiest way to manage social media through the many feature phones. Apps like Gravity and TwimGo are great but just don’t run well on feature phones. Gravity is also a premium app and purchase of apps is not easy from many of the African countries.

Leave a comment below if you have any issues addressed regarding access to Twitter and other social media platforms through Snaptu.

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