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How National Youth Service (NYS) is Being Prepared for Future Election Riggings

NYS Kenya

Why is National Youth Service (NYS) such an integral part of Jubilee? Why so much focus on a single institution? Why all the financial allocation and spending on this? Is Jubilee preparing Kenya for the worst general election?

Previously, you needed only a call-up letter, ID, certificate of good conduct and education certificates to report to Gilgil for initial NYS training which took 6 months. This has changed as now you need to have your biometric data taken and your ID detained for two-thirds of the duration of your training.

First things first!! One key move by President Uhuru on assuming power in 2014 was to draw up a master plan on how to work around the dependency of Kikuyus on other tribes to hold on to power. Various “consultants” including Mutahi Ngunyi were called in to help draw up the plan of using NYS as a parallel election manipulating machine with a strong arm of idle youth who can be called up and used as the incumbents polling agents.

Today we can authoritatively reveal that NYS is part of Jubilee’s machinations to stay in power BEYOND 2022. The behemoth created through Anne Waiguru’s Devolution and Planning Ministry is such that it is not only an alternative stand-by force for illegal activities but those who have passed through it have also left their biometric and registration details for alternative use.

Mutahi Ngunyi has this to say about NYS

On joining NYS, the young men and women are told to hand over their ID cards, and they don’t get to receive them back until one and half months later. It seems that either duplicates are created or something is being done with the ID cards which is not clear to many. After the ID are returned, the youngsters get visited by some people who are believed to be IEBC officials and their biometric details are taken. The scheme is believed to be so well thought out that now businesses like Equity and Family bank with huge database of user data are also being used to ensure that the fake voter register database is boosted. Equity bank recently started collecting biometric data of all its clients.

Through NYS alone, Devolution and Planning Ministry will have created a database of over 1 million voters by 2022, who mostly will be ready to vote for the first time. This is because NYS does recruitment of 15,000 servicemen every 3 months. So that is more than 100,000 servicemen in a single year.

Some of the suggestions to recruit more NYS servicemen in North Rift to deal with cattle rustling is as weird as it sounds. How will unarmed men stop cattle rustling when even the armed home guards have failed? Is this not just militarising an already armed population?

Many have raised questions in regards to NYS. For the keen observers, it was not without a well thought out plan that Uhuru’s most trusted Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru sacked Kiplimo Rugut from NYS.

The plan was to actually replace Ruto and any other would be king maker without even replacing them. The plan could only be trusted with a fellow Kikuyu. Hence Dr. Nelson Githinji. So after Jubilee will be done with NYS, President Uhuru’s side will only even need Kambas to retain power.

Uhuru’s administration has been so sensitive about any criticism of NYS operations that every single one of the critic who has dared touch the untouchable has had his day in court or seriously harassed. When Rift Valley MPs rallied to censure Anne Waiguru over NYS, it took the personal intervention of the President to stop them.

In the 2015/16 budget, NYS allocation is more than that of Defence and Intelligence combined. You need to ask why.

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