How Kidero Distributed His Over Ksh 30 Million Payout to Hon Shebesh After the Slap

As you already know, Governor Evans Kidero slapped Nairobi County’s women rep Hon Rachel Shebesh. The embattled Nairobi Governor then was taken to court and he also went to report Hon Shebesh for some assault which he couldn’t explain well. So each camp decided to show its political and financial strength.

Hon Kidero didn’t have the political connections Rachel Shebesh but had the money while the latter had nothing but her mouth and strong political connections. So each one of them started pulling strings. Kidero realised that his money wouldn’t help him so much and Shebesh’s political connections in the county assembly was making his survival fluid.

So Kidero entrusted his lawyer, John Morris Ohaga of Triple O Law Advocates after Hon Tom Ojienda withdrew from the case. Shebesh who was previously in a relationship with Hon Mike Sonko and now dating one MCA from Nairobi county called Mark Ndungu was being represented by one of the smartest lawyers in the country, Cecill Miller. Miller, son of former CJ Miller is the same lawyer who represented Mary Wambui in her election petition and his astuteness has ensured that the judgement rendered against Mary Wambui’s election as Othaya MP was rendered ineffective as the judge ignored various section of the law.

So Kidero and Shebesh through lawyers Ohaga and Cecill Miller respectively agreed to settle out of court. Kidero initially gave out Ksh 20 million in a briefcase which Hon Mike Sonko took to Hon Shebesh’s home. Sonko was refused audience and Shebesh refused taking the money stashed in a briefcase. Then Kidero increased the amount by Ksh 10 million but there were many brokers who were to be sorted. All-in-all, Governor Kidero might have spent in excess of Ksh 40 million to take care of the police and court officials to have the matter settled out of court.

Here is how the money was shared;

  • Hon Shebesh – Ksh 25 million
  • Hon Mark Ndungu (MCA) – Ksh 3 million
  • Hon Hashim Kamau (MCA) – Ksh 1.5 million
  • Hon Millicent Mugendi (MCA) Ksh 100,000

The legal fee might be up to Ksh 3 million off Hon Shebesh’s earning.

Kidero’s payout to Shebesh was lower than expected because the Nairobi women representative also has issues she needed Kidero to help her deal with. First, Sebesh is living in a grabbed City Council house which was illegally acquired by her dad. Shebesh’s husband has his sister called Victoria nominated as a county rep in the county assembly. Shebesh also has her sister Marion Muthoni Mbugua nominated as Nairobi County rep. Another one of her sisters Dorcas Mbugua was nominated twice, as Nairobi County rep and Kiambu County rep.

All these issues were some fodder for Kidero’s camp coupled with the fact that Hon Shebesh’s current squeeze, Mark Ndungu, grabbed the county nomination slot reserved for the disabled by the Jubilee coalition. The case to get the seat back to the disabled will be lodged in court soon.

Hon Shebesh 43, has used her share to buy a new Mercedes Benz and buy her own house as she has never bought a house despite serving as MP in the previous parliament. She has not used any of the money on her constituents as others does it.

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