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How Single People Can Enjoy Their Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day (Photo/Courtesy).

Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14, annually is often regarded as a lovers’ affair, with different acts of romance displayed to commemorate the day.

It is celebrated globally, and also referred to as Saint Valentine’s Day originating from the Western Christians in a bid to honor an earlier saint who was referred to as Valentinus.

To couples and people in relationships, this is always the time to appreciate one’s partner through gifts, vacations, trips, proposals and many more love languages that work.

Some people are lucky enough to celebrate their birthdays on Valentine’s day.

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Categorically, most single people have been recorded to enjoy this day less, especially the public display of affection and romance that couples portray on social media.

There have been instances where people have gone all out on this day, ranging from some spending huge sums of money to show affection and appreciation to their partners while others have documented bad experiences.

It is approximately three weeks to Valentine’s day, and as a single person there are ways one can enjoy the day without it being stressful.

Being single does not mean the day should be boring and end without celebrating oneself. Here are a few ways one can use to make the day interesting:

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1. Self Love.


There are many ways to show love to oneself and this would really work charms in helping a single person get through the day.

Love is a universal language and is celebrated in diverse ways, therefore, showing love to yourself and celebrating personal achievements go a long way in marking this day a success.

Psychologists say that loving oneself is the first step in gaining self confidence and thus appreciating oneself more. On this particular day, one can opt to spend time alone and enjoy things they love doing.

For instance, you can create a date night idea for one, cook, watch programs or movies you enjoy or listen to good music. Ideally, you can take out yourself to a good restaurant, and enjoy a sumptuous meal with good ambiance. For people who are financially independent, treating oneself once in a while is not too much of a big deal. Book a short trip and enjoy the trip at a place you like.

You can also buy yourself a gift, you know, that handbag, flowers or cloth you like.

2. Spending Time With Loved Ones.

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Valentine’s day is not just meant for couples and people in relationships. It is basically all about celebrating love in general and this can be done through spending quality time with family or friends. For instance, you can be able to celebrate your family members by initiating a cook out, buying gifts including flowers, clothes of jewellery. It does not have to be expensive, chilling at home with close friends or a best friend can make the day enjoyable and well spent. Therefore, the day can be programmed with watching a movie together indoors, playing games or just telling stories and enjoying each other’s company.

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3. Pass Love Around.


Valentine’s Day can be celebrated through acts of kindness, where the love is shared and passed around.

Everyone wants to be loved at one point in their life. Therefore, an act of kindness would go such a long way on this day. Street children or orphans can use the love through visits or gifts. A visit to an orphanage and sharing food or clothes with street children would change their lives and in turn the day is well spent and accounted for. In previous cultures, there are corporate organizations and individuals who buy flowers and gifts and randomly distribute to strangers. This is a good cause that would put a smile in the lives of others.

Volunteer opportunities would also be relevant as you can visit a hospital and take care of sick patients.

4. Go Out, Get Your Groove On.


This day is often filled with love birds all over the place especially on social media. Do not sulk because you do not have a romantic partner. Rather, get your groove on by making plans and going out. You can go to an entertainment joint and enjoy the night away with good music and food.

This also involves wearing your favourite dress or jeans, lipstick and heels and going for a night out. Look good for yourself, enjoy every minute you spend time with yourself and be open to meeting new people. It does not necessary need to be a relationship or date, but rather a connection that would go a long way in making the day enjoyable.

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5. Avoid Comparison.

Valentine Gifts (Photo/Courtesy).

Comparison is a vice that destroys every good thing. On valentine’s day, avoid comparing yourself with other couples and those in relationships.

The day is for everyone to enjoy, hence enjoying and celebrating your small/big milestones is essential in carrying through the day. Remember, this is one day celebration, and life moves on afterwards. Whether you get presents, flowers or not, it does not take away anything from your life. Do not stay miserable and start comparing your life to others as you will only be destroying yourself.

Avoid social media, rather spend quality time experimenting on things you love and those that make you happy.

There are many more ways to celebrate and enjoy this day, the secret is finding out what you love and what works for you.

Group events are also fun, where single people come together and spend the day together.

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