This hotel has given Kenyan workers only 3hrs to ‘go vote and return to work’

A Nairobi-based hotel, Oak Place, is giving its workers only three hours to go vote and return to work. The hotel has sent out a memo also informing its Kenyan staff that the three hours will be on shifts.

What happens if for some strange reason the staff is delayed or is unable to vote within the stipulated three hours? Well, the hotel has informed its workers to either choose work or politics.

Such is the disdainful attitude of the expatriate-dominated high end hotel industry in Kenya.

On TripAdvisory, boarders at the hotel made the following observation:

“OK facilities for our conference, with a mix of service, from quite good to quite slow and amateurish. Reasonable food, but for some strange reason an overabundance of flies were attracted at mealtime”.

Another observed, “Wouldn’t go back there. You’re forced to pay before you eat. Had to wait 20min before a waiter came to my table. Had to wait one hour for the food. Only good thing about this place is the green grass”.

Some good news, though, from another boarder about the hotel: “Beautiful hotel with wonderful hotel grounds. Ideal for family, office and for a weekend out with friends. The hotel has great food and thematic dinners throughout the week. There is need to construct an adult’s swimming pool to supplement the kid’s swimming pool”.

To cut the story short, Oak Place should its workers reasonable time to not only vote but plan other contingency plans.

Three hours is short, punitive and  insensitive.

Advocate Apollo Mboya is already furious, likely to send to the hotel ,management that awesome chapter in the constitution that entrenched, for every kenyan, the right to political participation in their country’s affairs.


Written by Kahawa Tungu



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