Hot Tea Increases Risk Of Esophageal Cancer For Smokers And Alcohol Drinkers, New Study Shows

Hot Tea

Most Kenyans enjoy a hot cup of tea, this luxury might soon be  mystery after  new study show s that the hot cup of tea may cause esophageal cancer.

This cancer has usually linked to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. The study shows that the consumption of the beverage alongside smoking and alcohol aggravate the chances of getting esophageal cancer.

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Scientists say that they followed the group sampled for nine years to see  how many people developed the cancer. They asked the sample group questions in relation to their consumption of hot tea, cigarettes and alcohol to determine the level of aggravation caused by any of three

Drinking hot tea by itself however can not cause the esophageal cancer the study illustrated.

The scientists said that for smokers and alcohol partakers , hot tea weakens the lining of the esophagus and could lead to increased inflammation and more rapid turnover of the cells.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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