Hessy Wa Kayole Marks New Targets, Jonte And Kamore


Hessy wa Kayole has marked his new targets and they are Jonte and Kamore who are apparently residents of Dandora.

The supposed cop has in the recent past taken responsibility for killing a few youths who have indulged in crime within the city estates.

He recently warned young females caught up in their boyfriends blood money. The young ladies however vowed to avenge their boyfriend’s deaths.

Through his Instagram page, Hessy addressed his moving targets saying:

These are the guys I have warned severally but wamekataa kabisa kubadilika. Jonte (in white) and Kamore (with chains). Juzi mliibia watu sana and especially women hapo Buru Ndogo-Dandora phase 5. Jana pia saa mbili na nusu Usiku mliibia watu simu na pesa, hadi mkadunga mzee fulani hapo kisu.

Naskia mnaambia watu mnataka kwenda mbinguni because mmechoka na dunia, msiwe na wasiwasi, very soon each one of you will get a direct ticket to where you belong.

Speaking to Kamore, Hessy said:

Kamore ulihama Dandora ukaenda kuishi saika, no nowadays unatoka Saika kusumbua watu hapa Dandora! NYINYI !!!!…… SAWA SAWA !!!!!”

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Written by Eva Nyambura

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