Here is The Netflix Viral Movie Hack That Helps You Find Specific Sub-Genres


A Netflix movie hack making it easier for users to browse and stream movies is going viral online. The hack involves using a secret code to quickly and easily access specific movie genres. It was first shared by TikTok user @caseyyisfetchh and has since elicited a lot of excitement from Netflix users.

The Netflix homepage displays a number of recommendations that you probably have to browse through to get something to watch. The search terms such as “comedy” and “action” are quite broad, meaning you still have to browse through the results to get the specific category you wish for.

In most cases, you have to ask around for recommendations so you can just type in the specific movie name into the search bar to watch.

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In @caseyyisfetchh’s viral video, she shares Netflix codes which are basically advanced search terms. Typing the codes into the search bar gives you hyper-specific results based on the category you are interested in.

For instance, instead of “Horror movies”, you get specific horror movie categories such as “Vampire films”, “zombie films”, “teen screams” and more.

You might be wondering how to get the codes. Well, that’s even easier. Simply go to and you will find the entire list of codes with the specific genre. Below is a screenshot

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A screenshot of Netflix codes on the website

To use it, go to your Netflix and input the code on the search bar. Depending on what code you have put, you will get the sub-genre be it children’s movies sorted by age, Christmas movies, Crime dramas and so on. You can also add the code on the Netflix search URL, for example

Here is a full list of the codes and their sub-genres.

Full list of Codes and sub-genres

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