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Here Are Side Hustles You Can Do Remotely


The Coronavirus pandemic has led to massive job losses and unemployment hence tough economic times.

With the social distancing regulations and stay and home order, most business people have recorded losses in the last couple of months hence the need to find ways to make extra money.

While working from home, one can find time to work on other side hustles and earn extra funds that will aid in easing the tough economic times.

Here are some of the side hustles one can explore remotely:

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Writing is one of the easiest ways to make money by using different platforms. Writing takes different shapes, as it can either be a personal experience or just an informative piece. Websites, magazines, digital content sites are reaping huge amid this period as the majority of people are home hence consume most of the online articles.

Blogging is part of this as one can earn a few shillings through posting articles while ideally offering advertisement on the sites. One can also opt to contact clients and advertise their products that can be well packaged in a form of an article hence reaching a wider medium.

Writing articles and publishing on websites can earn extra coins. Ideally, there are online platforms that offer employment where one can design profiles and professionally write CVs and resumes for individuals and get paid a certain percentage. This can fundamentally put more money on the table at this time.

Start A Podcast.


With people spending more time at home, podcasts continue to grow globally. Through podcasts, one can talk about their experiences, interests, tips, and other ways that can be educative and informative to the public. For instance, one can narrate their life stories and how they coped with certain life issues that end up being impactive or relatable to other people.

One can make extra funds from advertisements or subscriptions to the podcasts. The more people consume the content and download it, the more funds will be made. One can also reach out to people and clients individually who want to advertise their products through your podcasts.

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Selling Your Craft.

The pandemic has left the majority of people with a lot of time in their hands. For instance, hobbies, interests, and talents can be fully explored amid this period. Be it music, modeling, artistry, music, knitting, poetry, baking and many others.

An individual can explore these talents and sell their craft online and in exchange get money. For example, one can knit socks, sweaters and clothes and create an online website to advertise and sell them.

Consequently, one can venture into music as a talent, sing and record and post on streaming platforms where he/she will get paid.

Another way to look at this is through creating a “how-to e-book” that is widely needed. For example, how to bake a moist cake, how to sew cloth and many others are things that people are currently exploring.

Teaching a Virtual Class/Offering Baby Sitting Services.

UoN online exams [Photo/Courtesy]
Most schools and educational facilities have not fully opened and adapted to learning amid this period. Classes are mainly online and done virtually hence an opportunity to make extra funds. Teaching kindergarten kids and other students can be a good way of signing up for making extra money.

It is all about scheduling different classes and finding the area of specialty and capitalizing on that.

During this time, schools are closed and the majority of children stay at home. You can take this opportunity to offer tutoring services depending on your area of specialty as well as babysit kids.

This can be done at a fee with effective precautionary measures put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19.

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Making Home-Made Sanitizers and Selling.

Sanitizers are in very high demand and one can make them at home in correspondence with the required ingredients.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) required sanitizers need to contain at least 60 percent alcohol.

You can make soap and sanitizers at home using alcohol (99 percent volume), aloe vera gel and other essential oils such as tea tree, lavender oil, or just lemon juice.

This can be repackaged and sold at affordable prices and in the process, one is able to make a profit and earn extra money.

Cleaning Out and Cashin In.

This basically means cleaning out old clothes, shoes, electronics and other equipment that you no longer use and cashing in by selling online.

This can help make extra coins as there will be people who will find them useful and are willing to trade.

Therefore, you can use this opportunity of extra time at home to do a deep clean of closets and drawers. Anything that is no longer useful or does not fit can be sold online at affordable prices and in turn, make some extra money to sort other essential issues.

Cellphones, computers, clothing, cameras, shoes, purses, and makeup can be sold through online apps like Jumia.

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