Simple Guide To Setting 2019 New Year Goals


Several people are now nursing wounds after failed 2018 New Year goals. They might count themselves as failures, but that should not be the case.

This does not mean that you should not set new year resolutions beyond 2019.

However, while setting these goals, a certain criteria should be followed. Here are some suggestions you can follow:-

  1. Do not bench mark

Life is not a competition, and each person is destined for his/her own way of success. You will not necessarily succeed the way someone else has done it, after all there is no success formulae. Remember that when you compare yourself with others it will always be your worst with their best, hence you will never see anything good in you. This is the genesis of negativity in life.

Try as much as possible to make your own path in success. Those who make their own way are forever inscribed in the history of success, while those who follow others diminish in the path of imitators.

  1. Estimate the financial implications of your goals

Everyone wants that good life, but it comes at a price. This ensures that you do not live a lie, most of which most middle class earners are living. Set goals that you can achieve with your current financial ability and avoid budgeting for income that you do not have in the current situation. Most people fail for planning for moneis they expect to earn in numerous projects that they are yet to actualize.

  1. Set timelines and reviews

Most people wake up at the end of the year and discover that they did not achieve even a single goal they set for the year. This means that you have worked blindly throughout the year, yet the goals you set were supposed to be your guide.

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Set timelines that you want to achieve your goals, and when that time comes, do a review to see what you have achieved, what is remaining and what can be done to catch up.

  1. Be specific

I you want a house by the end of next year, be sure to indicate the size of the house you want and the cost. If it’s a car be sure of the model and the current market prices. Leaving it open will not help you achieve it, or maybe you will go for low quality options.

  1. Don’t leave room for options

With options, you will always be tempted to go for the ‘lesser’ one. Also, with options, you will be tempted to create another one when the existing ones are not achievable. The new option will be ‘next year/time’, which means failure.

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Written by Francis Muli

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