Step By Step Guide: How To Acquire New Smart Driving Licence From NTSA

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The July 1, 2020, deadline for application of the Smart Driving Licence is drawing near.

The new licence looks similar to the new generation National Identity (ID) cards. It has a secure chip that stores the driver’s information including blood group and a points system that deducts points for every traffic offence committed.

The digital licence was rolled out in April 2018 to replace the old generation booklet-like licence.

With only a few months to go, there are those not yet familiar with the online processes involved to obtain the smart licence.

The process is pretty simple, what you need is a mobile phone or a desktop with an internet connection to set the ball rolling.

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For starters, the online application is done at NTSA portal, Transport Information Management System (TIMS). The link is:


Key Steps To Follows

a. Visit TIMS portal and Register/Login 

  1. Using TIMS link navigate to portal where you will see two options to login to an available account or create a new one. If you haven’t created an account before, click the register link.
  2. On the new panel that shows up after hitting the register link, choose the “Individual” link. On the input field provided enter the Serial Number on your ID card.  Note that it’s the Serial Number that is required and not your ID number.


  3. You will be prompted to enter your KRA Pin. Enter it correctly.
  4. The system will also request you to enter your mother’s Maiden name.
  5. Enter your occupation and your current mobile number. Remember to enter the correct number as NTSA will use it to verify your profile.
  6. Request a verification code by clicking on the button next to the phone number.
  7. The system will send a verification code to the phone number you just provided.
  8. Input the verification code on the field provided to complete the verification process.
  9. On the Email field provided, enter your valid email address and verify it by requesting a verification code.
  10. Submit the details. If your registration is successful, go back to and login using the password sent to the phone number you provided when registering.
  11. You’re advised to change your password after your first time login to a more memorable one/of your choice.

b. Confirm Personal Details

Log in to NTSA TIMS account with an NTSA agent so that they can confirm your personal details including blood type information and county of residence.

c. Make Payment 

  1. On your account, click “Driving Licence” option on the top menu and select “Apply for my Smart DL”.
  2. You will be charged Ksh3,050. The card will be valid for three years before you renew it.

d. Book Appointment 

Once your payment is processed you will be required to book an appointment with NTSA office in your county. In Nairobi, NTSA officers are located at Upper Hill.

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e. Biometric Data 

Upon visiting NTSA offices on the date booked, your details will be confirmed. They will also take a digital photo of you and fingerprints.

f. Printing of licence.

Your licence will be printed and validated before you are allowed to go home with it.

Note: From the date of your making payment it takes about five days to get your smart driving licence. However, this is taking longer due to the huge backlog at NTSA. 

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Written by Wycliffe Nyamasege


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