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Grace Mugabe, Femme Fetale of modern times

Grace Mugabe touted to take over from frail hubby.


Grace Mugabe touted to take over from frail hubby.

Christened “Gucci Grace,” thanks to her dissipate ways, Zimbabwe’s First Lady is not your average woman.

If she is not blowing millions minted from the economically subdued Tax coffers to upgrade jewelry or on extravagant shopping sprees abroad, then she is fighting foes both perceived and real.

Grace Mugabe is the demented and demonic version of strength of a woman, a modern day paragon of Femme Fetale.

Barely months after making International headlines for beating up a South African model she allegedly found in a hotel room with her teenage sons, “Auntie Grace” is at it again, elbowing her way into the helm of the Country’s leadership, thrusting and asserting herself in no uncertain terms.

Grace Mugabe has been rising steadily through the political ranks in Zimbabwe after being elevated to the coveted and powerful position of secretary for the Politburo Women’s League in the ruling Zanu PF party in 2014.

She has poised herself as a lethal schemer, only second to the serpent in the Bible, having succeeded in eliminating two vice-presidents both touted in their own right as possible successors of her husband.

President Robert Mugabe fired Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday, as the veteran leader appeared to clear the way for his wife to succeed him. Mnangagwa took over from Joice Mujuru in 2014 who was axed after Grace Mugabe launched a campaign accusing her of plotting to topple the president.

The dramatic move came after a tense weekend in which Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe – who were seen as the leading candidates to replace the 93-year-old president – openly traded barbs.

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The nonagenarian leader was not amused after his wife was booed at the said rally accusing his axed VP of fanning factionalism to garner support ahead of the ruling ZANU-PF party’s special congress due in December.

She shouted back at the hecklers: “If you have been paid to boo me, boo, go ahead … I don’t care, I am powerful.”

Grace met President Mugabe when she secured herself a job in in the president’s typing pool.The president himself came around to say hello and apparently kept coming round. The man who vaunts the highest number of degrees earned while in incarceration apparently wooed the aggressive and abrasive Grace, only 31 then, married and with a son over tea and scones. Mugabe who was 72 was also married, to Sally Mugabe, who at the time had terminal cancer.

But the first lady’s proximity to the president gives her a major advantage, especially as he becomes more and more frail. He now conducts much of his business not in State House but from his private mansion in an upmarket Harare suburb. The opulent mansion – its grounds contain not one but two lakes – was decorated by Grace with marble columns, faux-Louis XIV furniture and lots of gold leaf.

Other than her penchant for Ferragamo heels, she is also a Megalomaniac though others argue that it is driven by her sense of insecurity should anything happen to her frail husband. Her, trying to take over as President is all about positioning herself and her family to survive in the aftermath of her husband’s death.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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