Governor Sonko Cancels Licenses For Chandarana Supermarkets After Discrimination Complaints


Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has cancelled the licenses of all Chandarana supermarkets following claims of bias.

The marketing Director had earlier written an email which was perceived to be intolerant. Rima Patel wrote an email saying that they are focused on attracting white people to their supermarkets hence the reason why they wanted to host a raffle challenge.

The email caused a stir online forcing the management to apologize for discriminating against Africans who were willing to participate in the raffle.

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Last month the employees in the supermarket said that they had been reduced to being attendants regardless of their qualifications.

The employees say that Africans have been stereotyped as thieves and are not entrusted with management responsibilities despite their qualifications.

The workers at the Chandarana Food plus say that the foreigners that are brought into the supermarket are not only unqualified but lack decorum towards African workers and customers.

The prejudice emancipates even in remuneration, the unqualified foreigners are usually paid more that the Africans yet they do very little compared to the local workers.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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