Gor Mahia is Paying Coach Frank Nuttall Ksh 600,000 While on Probation

Frank Nutall and Rachier

Gor Mahia aka K’Ogalo recently unveiled a new coach. Frank Nuttall, a British, was unveiled in a ceremony held at Hill park Hotel in Nairobi. Though unveiled already, Frank is still on a 3 months probation. The most surprising this is that the club is paying him Ksh 600,000 during the probation period while the other Kenyans who are doing the donkey work are paid almost nothing.

Looking at his LinkedIn profile, Frank seems to be a FIFA certified fitness coach. It is just not clear if he has ever coached any team to properly win a football match. Fitness is not all someone needs to win a soccer game.

It is also not clear why local clubs like Gor Mahia believes so much in foreign imports while the likes of Bobby Ogola have forever been Deputy Coaches” to clueless foreigners who never make much impact on the ground.

Is it right to pay these foreigners this much?

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