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Is Google Using Ingrained Racial Biases Against Africa In Their Doodles?

Nigeria's Doodle
Nigeria’s Doodle

The world’s largest and most popular search engine, Google, is seemingly exercising racial discrimination with negative bias towards African countries on the ongoing World Cup tournament.

The engine which is using different Google Doodles for different teams playing in the World Cup has used them to depict a dilapidated situation in the African football, while on the other side displaying an extreme opposite with happy manicured doodles for other  ‘developed’ countries.

For instance, in today’s doodles, Nigeria who will play against Argentina have been depicted as a team in tatters. In the doodle, the players have no soccer cleats and no uniform. They are playing on a dusty road with grass growing on the sides. The goalkeeper is wearing a khaki pair of trousers and an oversize T-shirt, most probably borrowed.

The onlookers – not really fans – look like they never planned for the match. Each of them is carrying something not related to soccer. In fact, one of the spectators is carrying a mug with a yellow liquid, most probably traditional (read outlawed) liqour. Others are carrying business merchandise. The background is of some houses, depicting a poorly planned and managed urban setting.

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