Google+ Now Unleashes Invites and We are Giving Away Some {CONTEST}

We have got to taste what Google+ is like. We have seen what it can do and what our analysis tells us is that Orkut is way much better than Google+. Google should have just tweaked Orkut and changed the look to make it more enticing than build a Facebook clone. Google+ now look like a Facebook cemetery without the dead bodies.

The only thing which might scare Facebook is that nifty notification thing which turns red whenever any of your circles does something. Another different bit with Facebook is the “hangout” feature which lets you have group video chat. I don’t see any massive adoption of this soon since many users online would rather not show their faces all over. Again us in the developing nations worry about the bandwidth consumption that we are not going to be playing with it just to use Google+ Hangouts.

But Google’s service like Gmail has more than 200 Million users and that might drive the adoption of Google+. It is also very easy to get to determine your privacy on Google+ unlike Google. You know that Facebook did score a lot of firsts in the social media. It will be very hard to have users ditch it for other networks unless the new network introduce something revolutionary.

Our prediction is that just like Buzz and Wave, Google+ will not last long. It still comes out as a fumble. But we are giving away invites. You just need to comment on this post with your Gmmail address in the form robertnng at

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