Google Launches ‘Android Design Site’ to Beautify Third-Party Apps‎

Google has now launched the Android Design site to help third-party developers create beautiful apps. The design site looks to be a page of guidelines, design principles, UI best-practice and style shortcuts for developers working with the new Android OS version, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The site consists of both of guiding principles for apps and interfaces and the core of an Android UI, like tabs, seek bars, switches and spinners. The site seems to be the biggest attempt by Google to get Android coders to develop apps which have similar UX. Google uses some guiding principles like  “delight me in surprising ways” and “let me make it mine” to woo the developer into creating superior apps.

The new Android design site has a great information on how to integrate apps with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, how to use the new UI elements included in ICS, and tips and guidelines to keep in mind when you’re building apps.

Every Android developer should check this site out

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