Girl Attempts Suicide After Uncle Threatens Her For Rejecting Him

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An 18-year-old girl has attempted suicide and fled her home in Kipsotet village, Kuresoi, because her uncle threatened to kill her.

Faith Chemutai claims that her uncle threatened her with death because she refused to become his sixth wife.

Faith said that her uncle, Daniel Too started sexually harrassing her right after her parents died, three years ago.

She recently fled her home with her two-month-old baby, whose paternity is unknown, and sought refuge at the home of Pastor David Kikwai of Mount Olives Church.

“My uncle has been forcing me to give him sexual favours but I escaped but later decided to return and take care of my younger siblings,” she said in tears.

Her uncle threatened her with a panga for refusing to be his wife and has been oppressing her siblings.

Faith’s relatives have leased out their land and they have not received a cent from the whole deal.

“We are homeless and helpless. We thought our relatives would help us but they have all leased out our land and we don’t get a coin,” she said.

Residents said Faith recently attempted suicide as nobody was willing to assist her.

Written by Eva Nyambura

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