Gilbert Deya to Be Extradited to Kenya After Losing High Court Appeal in UK


Controversial preacher Gilbert Deya, 65, is set to be extradited to Kenya in a few days after his appeal over the extradition request was rejected by a UK court.

Deya has been on the wanted list in Kenya for human trafficking since 2004. He runs an evangelical church in Peckham, south-east London, and has been accused of stealing 5 children in Kenya.

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Two High Court judges in London ruled that he had “no arguable grounds” to seek a judicial review. Lord Justice Gross, sitting with Sir Kenneth Parker, said it was “little short of scandalous” that his case had taken so long to resolve and it was “essential” that such extradition cases were firmly “gripped” by the Home Secretary.

The pastor was initially arrested in the UK in December 2006 following the issuing of an international arrest warrant by the chief magistrate’s court in Nairobi, Kenya.

Deya is alleged to have claimed that he could deliver “miracle babies” to post-menopausal or infertile women. Kenyan authorities believe that the infants were taken from their real parents.

More than 50 families in Nairobi have said their children were stolen.

The then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith ordered his extradition in 2008, while Theresa May did so again after further investigations in 2011.

Deya is also known to run a con ring in UK where he sells some off-the-shelf olive oil claiming that it is an anointing oil which he claim to use to cure HIV and Cancer. The oil is from Aldi goes for Ksh 270 for the 750ml but he sells the same for Ksh 680.

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