How Gidi Gidi Rescued Tedd Josiah from Committing Suicide after Audio Volt Split


Before Blue Zebra, Tedd Josiah teamed up with Mike Rabar of HomeBoyz to form Audio Volt. This was the record label which produced then then shining music sensations. That is according to Joseph Ogidi who is also known as Gidi Gidi in the entertainment circles.

According to Gidi Gidi, Tedd depended on him (Gidi) and a bit on Maji Maji (Gidi claims that he was so much into alcohol) for upkeep and Mike Rabar owned the equipment. So differences emerged around the earnings from Is Marwa and so Audio Volt split with Mike Rabar taking all his equipment and going to Baricho Road to set up the current Home Boyz Group.

Tedd was left with David Muriithi as the co-owners of Audio Volt. Here they managed and recorded artists like Nikki, Intu, Atemi Oyungu, Nameless, Kalamashaka, Hardstone, Yunasi and Warogi Wawili. David Muriithi who owned Audio Volt together with Tedd (50:50) sold his shareholding to Tedd.

According to Gidi, it is mostly the earnings from Ismarwa (Nation gave over Ksh 5 million) which was keeping Audio Volt alive. When the Gidi Gidi Maji Maji duo landed the Gallo Records deal, they didn’t pay close attention to their earlier contract with Audio Volt. Gidi claims that this made Tedd Josiah still claim millions in their earnings.

The duo were also fighting their own differences as Gidi claim that Maji Maji was battling alcoholism while he was doing most of the work in trying to stay the group. So with allegations that Gidi was sleeping with Maji Maji’s wife, the two had to break up. The news of Gidi Gidi sleeping with his friend’s wife also saw Gidi Gidi’s then wife leaving. He has never married again.

Gidi went to work at the UNON as an IT clerk before being rescued by Radio Africa where he was initially employed in the IT department before his elevation to a presenter.

According to Gidi Gidi, when Mike Rabar left Audio Volt, Tedd Josiah tried to commit suicide more than 3 times and it is the duo which tried so hard to rescue him with Tedd’s father investing a paltry Ksh 100,000 to rescue his “suicidal son.”


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