Ghetto Radio is Looking for New Management, Set to Rollout Nationally

Ghetto Radio is recruiting for a new boss. Through an advertisement which has been structured to mask the recruiter, the FM station plans to have a person who will run the station. It seems that the station plans to replace Julius Owino (Maji Maji) who has been running the station since its launch. This information is only with the directors as non of the current employees including the managers have been informed.

The new directors feel that Maji Maji has not made any effort to sharpen his business skills needed to run a modern media unit. Maji Maji doesn’t have any media training.

The station recently found new investors who have injected money into the stagnant ghetto-focused media station. Since the departure of Mbusi, the station has lost ground to Radio Africa Group’s Radio Jambo. But Ghetto radio is not giving up with a planned national rollout in the offing.

Ghetto FM’s Manager Job Description

But competitors like Radio Jambo are changing strategy to gain nationwide audience and kill some community radio stations which are a threat to its growth. Already the station has started by splitting its signal in some areas to target the local communities. This will start with Turkana where Radio Jambo will broadcast in Turkana and Swahili for some duration during the day so as to position itself for the growth of the region after the recent oil find.

The “signal splitting” strategy will also see Radio jambo broadcast in Kalenjin and Luo in some areas to counter Kass FM and Ramogi FM as it continue to position itself. The growth of Radio Jambo has been boosted by the recent acquisition of the group by South Africa’s Times Media Group.

Ghetto Radio’s expansion is already in the pipeline with a planned poaching of 4 key presenters who are currently working at Radio Jambo and Radio Maisha. The station considers the two as its biggest competitors

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