Ghafla Employees Poached by Radio Africa to Start ‘Mpasho News’

Ghafla's Majani and Uncle Chim Tuna with Caroline Mutoko after breakfast show
Ghafla’s Majani and Uncle Chim Tuna with Caroline Mutoko after breakfast show

When we told you about Caroline Mutoko and other Radio Africa key presenters trying to hang out with Ghafla bloggers so as to poach them, you thought it was not true. Now see. The group which is struggling with their digital properties and baked so much on the Trinc team to show them the way, are now banking on the former Ghafla employees to rescue them.

The problem with PQ is that he overrates his judgement and so he might never get to succeed in this field because unlike conventional media, digital media is just not so easy to handle. He thinks that former Ghafla bloggers and web designers might help him hack the digital space but I don’t see it happening.

Ghafla is dying because it has focused so much on churning adverts without any real gossip for the readers. Daily Post is something else. I will never have faith in the Ghafla diaper kids to deliver any meaningful gossip. The only content or ‘gossip” you can associate Ghafla with is who is about to become a socialite and where they will be having a party this weekend. Nothing else!!

That is not Gossip. The other writers who are now doing Star Society like Grace Kerongo are just too mainstream and friends to the subjects of gossip to be brave enough to write anything about anyone. They don’t have the guts to go for the jugular and say it like it is. She depends on the handouts and dinner invitations and so she might never get to give you any real muchene about anyone. I am saying this out of love. Nothing personal.

Radio Africa Offers to Buy Ghafla for Ksh 5 Million after Buying into TRINC for Ksh 3 Million

So Chimwani Obiajuli of Ghafla was poached and he went to Radio Africa with 3 other guys to start They went for the Mpasho name after we criticised their other choice. They still don’t get it.

Again, Carol Radull is heading the digital space in Radio Africa. Does she know even what digital is? She doesn’t have the spirit of a guerilla businessman to ever run that space. Gidi Gidi is already at Radio Africa. He is the best person who should have been doing this. He is the owner, moderator and founder of one of the most popular Facebook groups which has all the hooligans of Gor Mahia interacting with the other mannered fans of the team.



PQ has too much faith in the Mutoko and Radull duo. Their time in being the frontline of presenting to us the news for the target generation is up. These ladies of honour are in their 40s. Their mentality is so 70s. They can’t hack or understand the current gossip space. That is why Kiss FM is on its deathbed and Radio Africa fumbles with digital space. PQ holds their advice as the gospel from ondetto.

Caroline Mutoko should be out of Kiss FM soon but she wants Linda Nyangweso to replace her and fail so that she remains the best forever instead of going for Kalekye Mumo who is best suited to replace her and resurrect the struggling station. But as a part owner of Radio Africa (PQ is her boyfriend for the longest time), she gets her way on most of these things.

I have heard that Radio Africa is almost launching websites for each of the radio stations it owns. The websites will be up by the end of September. So the websites will each have news and gossip catering for their target audience.

In effect, the respective radio websites will compete with the mpasho thing. See they already have Classic 105 FM website running. Even the domain choice is so wrong. Why dotCOM? The clutter which will result from the TLD choice has not been imagined by Radio Africa. What strategy is that? Pathetic!!


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