Getting Married: Here Are Five Recommended Medical Exams To Take

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Love and relationships have diverse meanings to different people. Marriage, to most people, is more of a legal commitment, either forever or for a period of time.

Experts have argued that when it comes to marriage, nobody is ever prepared enough, be it psychologically, emotionally, financially and even mentally.

There exist medical facts recommended before a couple gets married as they affect their lives directly in one way or the other.

First, there are five medical tests recommended by medical experts to be taken as a couple before committing to marriage.

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These are:

  • STDs Test

Having a Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) test is recommended for every couple, before and during dating. In worse case scenarios, STDs are life-threatening hence it is fundamental for a couple to get tested to secure their health. This also involves a HIV test which is recommended for all couples before marriage.

  • Fertility Test Index.

A fertility test is done to determine the fertility rate of the couple, both man and woman. This is important more so for couples who want to have children.

Data from the Kenya Fertility Society reveals that two in every couple suffers from infertility. Thus, a fertility test is subject to discussion in preparation for marriage.

  • Blood Group Test.

A blood group test is taken to ascertain compatibility to prevent future health risks to children. This test is recommended by medics because failure to undergo it before marriage can risk suffering from a condition referred to as hemolytic which leads to stillbirths and miscarriages during pregnancy.

Ideally, a blood group test is recommended as it comes in handy in times of emergencies. Knowing your partner’s blood group is thus very essential before getting married.

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  • Genotype Test.

A genotype basically refers to the entire genetic constitution of an individual.

Experts have encouraged couples who want to get married to get the test as it helps identify compatibility issues that might have devastating effects on people.

The test can be done on samples of hair, blood and even skin.

Through the test, it can be determined whether one or both partners are sicklers (SS), carriers of the sickle cell trait (AS), or whether their genotype is normal (AA) hence comes in handy in decision making.

  • Mental Health Check

Mental health checks are very important, especially in long-term commitments. Marriage has both ups and downs and dealing with the issues requires the involvement of both parties as well as their commitment to resolving them. Thus, it is important to have a mental health check as a couple before getting married to identify some mental health conditions that can be passed to offsprings or cause challenges in the marriage.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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