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How Garissa Governor Korane Planned The Murder Of Ex-CEC Idriss Mukhtar

Garissa governor Ali Korane. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Details have emerged of how Garissa Governor Ali Korane allegedly planned for the death of former Finance executive Idriss Mukhtar after a fallout that could have led to the governor losing his seat.

According to high ranking sources in the County Government of Garissa, Korane and the former CEC fought each other verbally, and the two part ways never to see each other again, to date, despite being from the same clan.

Since Mukhtar knew very well all the secrets of the Governor, he decided to reveal to authorities to take action against him. This could have brought down the governor, especially during this time the war on corruption has been intensified.

According to our source who sought anonymity, Mukhtar is described as a thorn in the flesh for governors who find avenues to squander public money. Having worked with the former governor Nathfi Jama he would call Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate him.

“Now that their tribe got the Governorship seat he thought he will get all he wanted that he missed previously. Korane knew his problems and avoided him so much. Then Idris after realising that he has been ignored, he went to CBK and extracted all the transactions of the county which could tarnish Koranes name and further being prosecuted for misusing county funds,” says the source who spoke to Kahawa Tungu‘s Investigative desk.

The governor got tired of Mukhtar and dismissed him. He filed a case against the county government and the court awarded him Ksh50 million for unfair dismissal.

The Governor while knowing the intentions of Mukhtar decided to hire hitmen with the help of Fafi Mp Abdikarim Osman to finish him before he leaks his top secrets which could bring him down immediately. He paid the hitmen an undisclosed amount, and the deal was sealed. It was time for Mukhtar to die.

A mistake however happened at this juncture. The hitmen wanted more money. They approached Mukhtar asking for money in order to spare his life. Mukhtar was not going to bow, and he vowed that he won’t give out any coin to avert his death.

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He instead recorded a statement with the police about his imminent death, implicating governor Korane.

That is what led to the August 23 incidence at at Hurlingam mosque. The hitmen decided to complete their mission. He (hitman) fired his gun three times towards Mukhtar’s car, who was seated on the drivers seat as per the CCTV footage. Luckily for Mukhtar (and unluckily for the killers) he did not die on the spot. He was rushed to a Nairobi hospital where he is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Later, three men believed to be hired assassins were arrested (one was governor Korane’s cousin) and vehicle that was allegedly used impounded at a garage in Ngara. The vehicle had been repainted and the registration numbers changed.

“What we know is that people close to the governor planned and financed the crime. We want to know what he knows about it,” a detective said.

People who have worked with Korane say that he is a close ally and mentee of Abdi Illey who was recently arrested by Ethiopian Government for committing crimes against humanity. Illey is the former regional president of ONLF Government in Ethiopia. He finished those who opposed his government both in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Our source terms him as a nepotistic and tribal man. “More so Korane said in a meeting that Garissa town belongs to one community and that he will only give opportunities to that tribe alone. He further expressed that all Lands owned by non locals will be recalled forcefully and be given to his tribesmen,” says our source.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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