French Firm Providing IEBC With IT Support Denies Hacking Allegations, Suing For Libel

french firm

french firmOT Morpho, a French firm that supplied the 45,000 biometric authentication kits for voters, the associated systems capable of electronically transmitting the electoral results and the associated services of training and support to the IEBC on August 8 has refuted all claims of alleged hacking and manipulation of the electronic authentication and electoral results transmission systems.


The firm says it has been involved in two different steps of the presidential election process:

  • The authentication of voters by the tablets of the Kenya Integrated Election Management System (KIEMS) with fingerprint in polling stations.
  • The processing and display of the provisional results by the Result Transmission System (RTS)

They have claimed that official election results were based on the compilation of papers forms 34B by the IEBC system, which was completely out of their scope.



According to the France based firm, there have been countless fake allegations lodged against them since the September 1 ruling by the Supreme Court.

”An in-depth internal audit on the OT-Morpho RTS system used in Kenya had already been conducted before the presidential election. An additional internal audit was carried out after the Supreme Court ruling.

These in depth audits confirmed OT-Morpho previous statement; no trace of suspicious activity of any kind has been found whatsoever,” the statement read in part.

  • No abnormal information pattern was identified in the database storage. No manipulation of results has been identified.


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The company is set to sue undisclosed number of people for dragging their name through the mad.

”Following the fake allegations, threats to the company and, in certain cases, to its employees, OT-Morpho is determined to defend itself and its employees and is taking all necessary measures, including libel suits, in order to do so.”


The SCORK of Kenya is yet to release a detailed judgement containing the parties responsible for the ‘fraudulent’ election.

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