Fraudsters Steal Sh457,000 Equity Bank Savings From 72-Year-Old Nyeri Man, Staff Dismiss Claims

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Equity Bank Branch. [Courtesy]

An Equity Bank customer is seeking justice after his account was swept clean by an unknown person.

In a Facebook post shared by Edward Karungu, he explains how his 72-year-old father residing in Nyeri woke up to zero balance in his Equity account.

According to Karungu, his elderly father had on the night of August 20, 2020, slept with Sh457,000 in his account only to wake up the next day to nothing.

His father had not withdrawn a dime from the account.

Panicking and in a daze, his father made his way to Equity, Nyeri Branch. He requested for a bank statement which showed that the money was withdrawn via Eazzy net.

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The statement also showed that the fraudster had also taken a Sh25,000 Equitel loan.

“My dad, in reaction, hurriedly heads to the Equity Nyeri branch hoping that he’s just having a bad dream, and its not a reality. He requests the bank officials for a statement of his account. To his disappointment, his account is now not even zero but at negative Kes. 25,000, to add salt to the injury, the fraudster had already taken an Equitel Loan of Kes. 25,000. It is affirmed that all his savings amount to Kes. 475,000 was withdrawn via the Eazzy net as indicated in the bank statement,” Karungu explained.

Still in a state of bewilderment, the elderly man asked to speak to the Operations Manager who declined to speak to the customer. Instead, he told him, “Mzee toka…Inaoneka ulipeana password..”

Karungu said that his father explained to the dismissive Operations Manager that at no time did he share his password and neither did he receive transaction notifications.

“He also insists that being a sober man always, no one has called him asking him for any bank or personal details. The bank also confirms that no one has swapped his Equitel line. All these transactions were done without my dad getting any notification on the transactions taking place,” Karungu wrote.

Karungu suspects that the fraudulent withdrawal was an inside job as the Equity, Nyeri branch staff are yet to rope in the Equity Criminal Investigation fraud team.

“Upon him losing the money without giving his consent, Equity bank does not even offer a chance to investigate the matter, leave alone reporting to the fraud team for investigations. I highly suspect that the Equity staff had a hand in this theft by the gesture that the Nyeri branch operational manager is unwilling to listen to my dad report the case proceedings. He is adamant of my dad reaching out to the Equity Criminal Investigation fraud team,” he added.

“Eazzynet and Equitel lines have made Equity bank so vulnerably and ineffective, as thousands of savers keep on anonymously losing their cash. Anyone there assists me to sue Equity bank and help me get in touch with relevant personnel who will conduct thorough investigations.”

The matter has been reported to the police under OB /62/24/8/2020.

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