Former TV Star Louis Otieno Seeks Funds To Go For Treatment In India

Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

Former news anchor Louis Otieno and his family have launched a public appeal to enable him to seek medical treatment in India.

The former news anchor has been suffering fro acute pancreatitis which led to him loosing his ability to hear. According to his family efforts to have him gain his hearing in Kenya have been futile as even hearing aids do not assist him.

The family say that this condition has strained him from engaging in meaningful income generating activities hence causing strain on him and his family.

The doctors have suggested that Louis Otieno be taken to India to undergo a cochlear transplant in order to regain his ability to hear.

The Louis Otieno Fund commitee stated

Louis Otieno’s problems began to escalte shortly after being accused of being behind the murder of lover Careen Chepchumba who said was just his neighbor.

This funds drive comes just days after a Swahili news anchor Swaleh Mdoe put up his kidney for sale saying that he needed to sort some financial issues.

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Many assumptions have been made as to the wealth of this news anchors as they have aways displayed a lavish lifestyle which they may not necessarily have. Kenyans often assume that these news anchors get hefty salaries which may not always be the case.

Another issue is these two news anchors have been in the Industry for a long time but they did not have a savings plan hence  the current financial struggles

Written by Merxcine Cush

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